2017 - 6 months

UI designer at Belfius

A home & product overview page for Belfius bank Belgium. The design I've made together with an UX colleague never ended up being used.
Belfius Bank
My role
UI designer

In early 2017 I've started an assignment for Belfius bank Belgium through the creative agency Wijs. Me, an UX expert and some creative thinkers at Wijs were challenged to come up with a new homepage as well as the insurances product page for the belgian bank.

Keeping their business goals and proven user experience concepts in mind we've come up with a much cleaner and to the point structure. Coupled with a more modern and minimalistic look this was received very well. However the ever changing and complicated banking landscape made it difficult to incorporate such a big change and the work we've done never got to see the light of day.

Overall this project  was a great experience with talented people and thought me a lot about the financial world and the importance of a UX-focussed approach to a rather complicated product.


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