2018-2019 - 1 year and 6 months

UI designer at KBC

For one year and a half I've been at KBC bank Belgium as a UI design contractor. Our main focus was the redesign of the whole KBC digital design language.
KBC bank Belgium
My role
UI designer

For one and a half year I worked as a contractor in the impressive KBC building in Leuven. My main job as a UI designer was creating user interfaces for the KBC banking app.

Every new or updated process came with a project team and even more important for me; a UX expert.  Together with the UX'er and their high-level wireframes we created fully designed flows that were later transferred to the developers.

Everything became more interesting and challenging when the design team at KBC decided to create a new design language. This meant recreating and improving on all components that were already there before while still delivering the day-to-day work.

Because of these big changes and increase in workload it was important for the creative team at KBC to define new rules and ways of working to get the work manageable. Me, as a contractor, also got involved in figuring this out.

Because of the challenges, variety of work and the size of the company I feel like I've learned a lot. Such as the importance to manage your relationships with the people around you as-well as creating a component-based design system. Add a bunch of meetings with a bunch of people to the mix and you'll be challenged to communicate in a clear way and to different types of people with different levels of knowledge of oyur craft.


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