2020 - 2021 - 1 YEar and 3 months

UI Designer at Telenet

At Telenet I was responsible for further designing the entertainment products within a small team. From a design system to some marketing visuals.
My role
UI Designer

During the strange time of working from home due to the virus, I've worked on designing the entertainment products Telenet has to offer to it's customers.

This involves creating design systems and components for all the different platforms where people consume video content. From phones, to tablets, to the web and televisions. The real challenge is optimizing a multidevice design system that's adaptable and reusable for the different product offers Telenet offers. Think, Telenet TV, telenet Flow, Tadaam.

One of the bigger assignments during my time at the Telecom Company was the transition to a new style of branding and rebranding the entertainment products while optimizing the the experiences for the users. All of this while keeping the workload low for backend development as this is quite a complicated system.

With these challenges I've got to further develop both my creative side as my communicative skills.


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