‘Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm.’

Earl Nightingale

This playground is my creative outlet. This is where you’ll find design concepts, visual explorations and ideas that might or might not be useful.

Artfra, a conceptual product to make art investments accessible to everyone. By purchasing a fraction of your favourite artwork, you can start 'collecting' and benefitting from an investment category previously only available to the wealthy few.
Artfra, a design concept.
Pulse is an app that tracks and manages your investments in different financial markets. Everything is automatically converted to your own currency for easy understanding, the backend handles the rest.
Pulse, a design concept.
An innovative NFC-based system allows easy access to co-working spaces via smartphones. Seamlessly integrated with the iPhone island, the design mimics a physical card for intuitive usability.
Creative Loft, a design concept.
Music player concept for the Apple Watch. I love including kind nudges to the original products, in this case it's a spinning disk containing the album art.
Apple Watch music player, a design concept.
In an effort to make NFT's more accessible to the broad public I've designed this concept of a receipt. By merging the old with the new we can create intuitive experiences.
NFT sale receipt, a design concept.
The result of a fun 30 minute design exercise. On-brand smartphone widgets for headspace meditation sessions. These exercises are great to train your adaptability to different styles of brands.
Headspace homescreen widgets, a design concept.
Pay-by-prompt concept. A market-place for creatives and  prompt engineers. This solution allows professionals to collectively help and support each other while going back to the basic idea of trading value.
Pay by prompt, a design concept.
Charging visualisation for an EV app. I love the Polestar styling and visual language so that's been my inspiration for this fun design concept.
EV Charging, a design concept.
What if the Apple HomePod had an integrated screen? Easy touch navigation makes the touchscreen easy to use and the playful visualisation of the spinning discs makes the interface intuitive and informative.
Apple Homepod with a screen, a design concept.