Lender Labs

A web3 company aggregating financial products surrounding NFT's. Such as lending/borrowing Sol (a digital currency) by using Non fungible tokens as collateral.


Application design
User Experience
User Interface
Detail image of the menu for Lender Labs
Flow for getting instant liquidity against your NFT's using a Lender Labs widget

Challenges & solutions

Working on projects like these is both challenging as incredibly fun. Designing screens for new ideas and products in a world that's developing at a rapid pace forces you to design adaptive design systems that help users understand new functionality.

Lender labs platform details

Conclusion & learnings

Working on new products without any proven design strategies requires close collaboration with the users. Being open for feedback and ideas is key when building a product that is constantly evolving. Keeping the visual styling simple and accessible helped a lot with quickly adapting the product and implementing new features.

Lender Labs - Account performance detail