PMS Coach

Focussed on improving the lives of countless women suffering from severe PMS, PMS coach provides a mobile app to track your symptoms alongside your hormonal cycle. Through lifestyle coaching and qualitative information the app aims to ease the day to day life of millions of women.

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Application design
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PMS Coach Website screen designs

Challenges & solutions

For the PMS Coach app the focus was and will always be to lower the friction for users to track their (mostly negative) symptoms. It's important that using the app isn't another 'task you have to do'. By making it easy to rate your days/symptoms alongside your hormonal cycle we provide valuable insights and lifestyle tips. This way women can take back their life and live it to the fullest!

App store images for the PMS Coach app.
Overview of different screen types in the PMS Coach app

Conclusion & learnings

We've conducted quite a bit of user research and involved our target group from the very start. This made it easier for us to confidently layout the app and it's functionality. Apart from the User Experience we've also received a lot of positive feedback on our visual approach where we opted for a clean, light and colourful design. The app feels both professional and manages to lighten the burden of a bad day.

Decorative branding elements fro PMS Coach